Navigraph Simbrief Update - Is this a fake?

Hi all, please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong location.
For the past two days, I have had a notification to update my Navigraph Simbrief app., which I have done, but nothing seems to have occured.
The update revision seems to be, as given in the splash screen.
I am now wondering, after looking on the website, if this is an actual update or a ruse.
Any ideas?
This is the splashescreen…


Also, I have a Windows sysstem and run XP11 / 12 and MSFS


Hi Clayton,


Maybe you are confused between Simlink and SimBrief?

The latest Simlink version version was released 10 Sep 23.



Hi Ian,

Thanks for the very quick reply.
I think you are correct. I have just noticed in the Splashscreen the reference to Simlink, not Simbrief… :blush:
If that is the case, could you tell me why it keeps on asking to be updated, if I have already done it?


It is an overzealous app, just wanting to be always better :blush:

If you download and install again from Navigraph, it should be satisfied.