Navigraph & Simbrief as flight planners

So both 2 very good flight planners in their own right, but why?
Simbrief (SB) has block fuel and will load to vPilot
Navigraph (NG) is good for IFR and better than SB for VFR but does not load to vPilot, does not have fuel etc.
What type of flights or data is required that makes people decide between SB or NG on the day of the flight about to be undertaken?
Still struggling with the idea of having 2 flight planning tools under the same subscription (not complaining just want to make best use of both of them)



SimBrief is the more comprehensive flight planner. Charts is the more comprehensive charts and moving map display with a flight planning capability.

I use them both. Try them both for the different uses and see how you go.