Navigraph Hub won't install

Hello! I had Navigraph Hub installed on my old drive but the drive broke, I bought new one but I can’t install Navigraph Hub because when I turn on the install, it’s looking for the path from previous disk. It says ‘Navigraph Hub cannot be closed. Please close it manually and click retry to continue’, after clicking retry, I get this:
'Error opening file for writing:

F:\users\xx\appdata\local\programs\navigraph navdata center\uninstall navigraph hub.exe

Click abort to stop the installation, retry to try again, or ignore to skip this file’

The problem is that i don’t have disk “F” right now, because the new one is G, and i don’t have the uninstall navigraph hub.exe on my computer.
What should i do?

Maybe you could run diskmgmt from the Windows 11 search bar. With care, you should be able to rename your new disk from G: to F: , enough to let you uninstall/reinstall the Navigraph Hub ?


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