Navigraph Hub Desktop Shortcut

For future updates to the Navigraph Hub, can there be an installation option available to add a shortcut to the desktop? I find this is the only easy way for me to access the Navigraph Hub software any time I want to check for AIRAC updates. Today I was forced to run an update to the Navigraph Hub which made the desktop shortcut disappear. Downloading and reinstalling via the Navigraph website does not make the desktop shortcut return for me.


Thank you for the suggestion.

We are looking into how to install Navigraph Hub with option for desktop icon or not.


Prior to the latest Microsoft update I was using Navigraph Hub to update all my installs. It disappeared. Now trying to download it but no success ?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You
Craig Hustadt

Hi Craig,

Please download, install and run latest Navigraph Hub.

Please post screenshots of any errors, so we can replicate.


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