Navigraph Hub app disappearing

Several times I now experienced that Navigraph hub disappeared from my desktop (shortcut) and app list (start windows. 11), whereas the app seems still present in the app list under settings. Searching the app results in no hits. Does Navigraph hub uninstall itself or what is happening? Of course I downloaded it again every time it was missing and re-installed, but I guess that is not a lasting solution. Anyone who experienced the same with the Navigraph Hub app disappearing?


We have had reports from people that they found the fact that the Navigraph Hub added a desktop shortcut when installed annoying, so we removed that feature.
This resulted in any existing desktop shortcuts added by our installer being removed when the app was updated, and we received numerous complaints about this.

Since then, with the latest version, we have added back the automatic addition of a desktop shortcut. It should no longer disappear when updating!

Also, please note that the app is not uninstalled just because the desktop shortcut is gone. You can always find it by pressing the Windows button and searching for “Navigraph Hub”!

If the icon keeps disappearing for you even with the latest updates, please do let me know since this would be unexpected.

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Thank you for following up on this. I know that the program is still present even though the desktop shortcut has gone, but searching for the program in windows did actually not find it either (as I mentioned earlier). Anyways, I’ll keep an eye on whether it disappears again, or not. And regarding creating a desktop shortcut or not during installation, that often is solved by a simple user choice while installing?

Sounds good!

We want the installer to be able to run without user input since this dramatically simplifies the update process. Additionally, we don’t want users to select where the app is installed since that inevitably has implications related to permissions which we then have to handle in support.

This means that there is currently no obvious moment to let the user make this decision. We do have this in mind, and will try to find a more convenient solution for future revisions of the app!

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I just installed the TDS GTNXi Pro update and this happened to me too after adding TDS in the Hub. The whole app uninstalled itself silently and had to be reinstalled.

Hmm, it sounds like an update failed for some reason. When a new update is released, it is downloaded in the background and applied the next time the app is restarted (or when you press the restart button in the update prompt).

Not sure what’s causing this for you, but things will be a bit different with the next version of the Navigraph Hub - we’ll make sure to take this into account then!

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