NAvigraph FMS and ASN

Before presenting the question I would like to greet everyone as my new entry.
Question: in FMS I tried to insert ASN for FSX but it never appears in the list. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Hello Lorenzo! Welcome to the forum.

Please be more specific in the steps that you have taken so far. If you’re unsure as to how exactly one should go about adding an addon to the list, please reference the FAQ on the matter: FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates

If you still experience issues after following the steps as mentioned in the FAQ, please advise and we’ll sort it out together!


I have correctly followed the steps to insert ASN in the FMS data manager. Despite this it not appears in the list. The version I use is ASN for FSX SP5.
The steps I followed are these: 1) Addon Mapping 2) Scan, and I noticed that ASN was not there. I then clicked Add, chose ASN and clicked on Save. I then clicked Addon List but ASN did not appear.
Thanks for the support.

Hi Lorenzo,
never heard anything from ActiveSky Next … we don´t have this addon in our support list, therefore you can´t find it. I´m not sure, if this is compatible with any other ActiveSky version. I will check it and when yes, we will add it in our list. For the meantime, sorry but it´s a unsupported addon for us and therefore you can´t make any updates.


PS: we will check this with the HiFi dev but this will be take time … thanks for your understanding

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Hi Richard!
Thanks for your kindness and quick reply. It is very strange because if I search in FMS Data Manager in the Addons I find ASN for FSX it seems that it can be recognized. However we update for when you have done the necessary checks.
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Hi again Lorenzo,
please can you post a screenshot where you have found “Active Sky Next”. I only have these entries:

… and when I look on the Hifi homepage, I see that the Active Sky Next is a own product and therefore my assumption, that this addon isn´t compatible with any other addons in our list.



Hi Richard

It is exactly my screen shot too. Sorry but I didn’t realize that “Next” was missing so it’s all clear. Thank you for the valuable support. Now you can close the ticket.


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