Navigraph EFB

Has Navigraph toyed with the idea of creating their own in-house all-in-one EFB for MSFS? There are several EFB programs on the market, and they are all lacking in necessary features. I feel as if Navigraph would be the ideal developer to produce such a tool. I imagine, it could be similar to the in-sim chart tab.

Necessary features would include:

1.) Simbrief integration within EFB
2.) Chart viewer
3.) PDF viewer (Must have support for bookmarks in pdf files, for navigating large manuals)
4.) METAR/TAF search (expandable to other weather functions as program develops further)
5.) Electronic E6B & other tools (such as descent calculator)
6.) Ability to type in supported simbrief OFP formats. (For example recording ATA/AFOB at each waypoint)
7.) Ability to display multiple windows at once, if a user desires (For example: one charts window, one pdf viewer window, and the E6B window)
8.) VR capable
9.) If ambitious, an in EFB TO/LDG performance calculator.

Right now I can get by doing this on my iPad. However, once I switch over to VR, this would be the most useful thing for me, and I suspect, many others.


Thanks for the feedback I will let the Dev team know.


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