Navigraph charts

I recently had to format a drive that had Navigrah charts installed on it.
I have since downloaded the charts software again and attempted to re install it
but it just comes up with -setup was not completed successfully-
has anyone any idea what the issue could be.
The Navigraph data and simlink softwares all installed ok.
I do subscribe to Navigraph.
I am running Windows 10
I have also deleted any previous Navigraph charts entries I could find


  1. Press Start and open Apps & Features.

  2. On the right hand side, open Programs and Features.

  3. Find Navigraph Charts in the list, select it, and press the Uninstall button above. Like the image below. Note: If you don’t find Navigraph Charts 7 in the list then proceed to 4 below.

  1. Install Charts, where we recommend you do not run the installer as Admin - and leave default installation directory which is usually:
    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\Navigraph Charts

Let me know how it works out.



Hi Stephen

Thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately it is still coming back with the same.

I have attempted to uninstall it but it won’t because it can’t find it, due to the fact

That the drive it was originally on has been formatted.

I have tried installing it on the C drive as you suggested with the path you gave

But still no luck, I have also made sure it wasn’t running in admin mode.

Seems strange as when I originally installed it was no problem.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Tom

Hi Stephen

I’ve got it going, the problem was with the Navigraph charts still being in the programs and apps list

Which it couldn’t uninstall for reasons I mentioned on the previous email.

But going into it as you suggested allowed me to remove the entry.

After that it installed no problem.

So once again thank you for your help and quick response, most appreciated.

Cheers Tom

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