Navigraph Charts sort by NAME as DEFAULT

Hey guys,

Ok, so one of the biggest pet peeves in both the charts desktop and charts online app is that the default sort order for my flight plans is by DATE, which makes no sense to me personally. Who would ever want their plans organized by date, lol? I’d prefer for the option to organize it, by default via NAME. It’s simply an unnecessary task to go through every time the app is used. Essentially it’s wasted clicks, that all comes down to good app design.

I posted about this at the release of Charts 7 well over a year ago IINM and was told this feature was coming soon, but obviously never materialized.

I guess I’m wondering if there’s any movement or motivation to add this feature?



Thank you, I have added your suggestion to potential list of enhancements for next Charts version.



Thanks Ian. Appreciated.

Hey there Caolan!

I took it upon myself to add this as a quick feature to the app. After the next update, the sorting mode will be persisted and you should no longer need to change it every time. Thank you for the feedback!

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Really impressive stuff Skysail! Thanks.

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Hello again!

Just wanted to let you know that Charts has been updated and that this feature is now available.
Thanks again for the feedback!

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Hi Skysail!

Let me say I understand how hard developing a piece of software is when you have thousands of people demanding things. I really appreciate you addressing this so fast after me making a whine post at random, lol.

Have a good one!

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