Navigraph Charts In Game Panel

Thanks for quick replay!

Please add me to the list of people requesting this – The in game panels are excellent for VR now, but the sign-in is pretty cumbersome, and if you can find a way to make it a ‘one-and-done’ that’d be excellent.

Just in case it might provide another way of providing the data for the “pop-up”, IIRC, Little Navmap uses a windows based app, which includes an option to allow a server to be activated and it is this server that is used by the pop-up, to provide charts, via the ingame panel.

Might it be an option to use the existing Navigraph Charts app in a similar way. Once access to this charts app has been established, wouldn’t that just carry on providing the data?

Just a thought.

While having an add-on panel is a nice idea, I have to agree that requiring a log on each time MSFS loads is a non-starter for me and I’ll continue to use the seperate app.

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When you create a new flight inside the sim and close the window the flight you just created is erased and you have to program it in again. Doesn’t save the flight to revisit during the flight fyi. Thanks for the great work keep it up!

Many thanks . If I am honest not sure what I did wrong, I think I downloaded via My account and seemed to be linking me to the out dated version.

All sorted now anyway, many thanks !

Think this is the appropriate thread to comment on , only just realised I was the last person to comment again. I suspect more of a comment than a question from me nowbut . Just to say I installed the Panel and did a short flight to test it out, however for some reason after the panel was installed my FPS on the sim dropped to 20 , and below at times.

Just to confirm it was the Panel that was the thing causing the issue I uninstalled it , and my FPS increased back to over 30.

When searching for an airport in the ingame navigraph, if i hit a key which has a function in the sim, the function is executed. Is it only on my side or kind of a Bug?

It is a known issue. If you make it a free floating window you don’t have this issue. We are working on a potential fix that involves presenting a virtual keyboard inside the panel. It doesn’t seem possible to actually prevent keystrokes being sent to the sim.

As a workaround, you can create your flight plan on beforehand using one of our other apps or in Simbrief, and then load the flight inside the sim panel - it doesn’t require any key press.



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I thought Simbrief was one of your other apps now Stephen? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, yes I thought about how to formulate that, but what I meant was of course our other Charts apps. But indeed Simbrief is a welcome new member to the Navigraph family of apps. :smiley:




Didn’t find the Navigraph Charts In Game Panel to be very useful. First I found the graphics to be a little blurry compared to normal Charts and you have to expand the Panel to see everything on the toolbar and make proper use of it.
If you have a second monitor, it easier just to have the Charts on that as before. And you can follow your progress on the second monitor without it blocking your view as the In Game Panel does.
Only useful for folks who use VR or 1 monitor.
Just my thoughts.


Thank you for the feedback.

If you click on the image you should get a clearer chart.

Yes it is very useful and welcomed by VR users. Also many users have 1 monitor.


Since v0.4 I can’t switch the chart between High/Low/Map. Only the High altitude airways are selected.
Also the same flightplan is automatically loaded, even if I delete the route it is again active at next start of MSFS.

Problem solved. Did a fresh install and now all is working.


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