Navigraph Charts 8.14 Java Errors

Running Windows 10, Navigraph 8.14 prints to the printer OK as long as I stay in the current session. But if I exit Charts and try to start it again, I get a java error. I then have to either reboot or uninstall and reinstall Charts in order for it to open up again. Happens every time. I’m not printing to a pdf and my default printer is my Canon TR8520. The application has become almost unusable. I’ve never had problems with the previous version of Charts.

Please advise.

Jim Driskell

Yes we are aware of this issue, but have only seen it when printing to PDF ourselves.

We are working on a fix. Sorry about this.



I had this happen to me. I did print a couple of charts during my last session (which I normally don’t do) so, based on the OP, I wonder if that is related.

In my case, rebooting my computer fixed the problem.

Yep, I also reboot, but it’s easier to uninstall and reinstall the program. Saves time. Navigraph is aware of the problem and they are working on it.

Jim Driskell

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This issue should have been fixed now in the latest version v8.15.0 released today. Please install from Navigraph

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