Navigraph and Flight1 Student Simulator Pro V1.69

Good morning, my Flight1 G1000 Student Simulator Pro V1.69 works well with the AIRAC 1903 database.

I installed the AIRAC 2311 update with Navigraph FMS Data Manager, but the message “An exception has occurred. Type: Access Violation. Location: 0x17cd9.” appears on startup of Flight1. How do I solve the problem? Thank you.

sorry, but we don’t support this addon nor do we offer data for this addon. We also don’t offer it in the FMS Data Manager, so I’m curious, how have you updated it?

Again, this is a Garmin device, which use the original Garmin data format and we may not offer data in this format. I believe you have mapped it manually in the FMS Data Manager and have installed the wrong data - therefore the error.



Here’s what happens: using Navigraph FMS Data Manager I update Flight1 Aviation Technologies G1000 Student Simulator Pro to AIRAC version 2311, but when I start the software, an error message appears. At first the software works well and the hardware also works well (Emuteq G1000 simulator). However, during the flight, sometimes the Flight1 software crashes, especially if I select an instrument approach procedure.

Thanks for your help.

Carmelo Militello

Hi Carmelo,
thanks for the video - very helpful. Much appreciated … Have you send the log-file to Flight1 as the message mentioned? What have Flight1 said to this message?


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