Moving map charts with avitab in x plane

I cannot access navigraph charts from avitab in x plane12

Hello! Welcome to the Navigraph forum!

Where do you get stuck? Have you tried following a YouTube video that shows the setup process?

The basic process looks like this:

  1. Open Avitab
  2. Press “Providers”
  3. Press “Link Navigraph Account” and follow the login steps
  4. Go back to Avitab homescreen
  5. Press “Airports”
  6. Search for your airport
  7. Press the small “Directory” button in the top right, indicated in this screenshot:

  8. You should now see a list of charts for your airport!

Similarily, if you want to use our enroute charts with moving maps, follow these steps:

  1. Open Avitab (Or go back to the homescreen if it is already open)
  2. Press “Maps”
  3. Press the “Directory” button (identical to the one in the screenshot above)
  4. Along the bottom, select the map type that you would like to see
  5. You should see the selected Navigraph map!

I hope this helps! Let me know if you are still stuck.

Kind Regards,