Navfixes specified by a radial/distance appear at the incorrect location

I’m happy that Navigraph lets me use these specified points in my flight plan, since I near exclusively use radio nav instead of GPS, however, a minor issue is that it does appear in the wrong position.

As an example, the attached picture shows a route that includes

PMD (Palmdale VOR) DCT PMD067045

PMD067045 meaning from the point from Palmdale VOR along radial 067deg, 45 nautical miles away.

However, it does not appear where it should be, I’ve marked the expect area with a green circle. This issue appears at most VORs and I don’t think it is because of VORs offset from the actual compass bearing.

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Thank you for the feedback! It looks like this is caused by our calculations not accounting for magnetic variation. I have filed an internal bug, we will look into it as soon as we have the resources to do so!

I will keep you posted when we get to it!

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