Navdata Pricing

I see on your page that there is no way to get a Navadata subscription any more, only the subscription that includes charts which I do not need. I have been with Navigrpah for years, but if this is the case, I will be moving to Aerosoft Data I guess.

Hi Bob.

Not true. We still have the navdata-only subcription, so if you are on that plan it will renew on that plan. And if you don’t have a subscription a link will appear on the account dashboard, like mentioned here: Navdata only subscription? - #2 by NAVData

We are not promoting this subcription to new users, therefore it is not shown on the pricing page.



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I looked all over your site. There is no pricing for Navdata only subscription.

Hi Bob,

Please see Stephen’s response to you above. You will see it if you don’t have a subscription.


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