Navdata for Aerowinx PSX 747?

Dear Navigraph,

Please would you consider releasing support for the Aerowinx PSX 747 software? I’m a consumer customer and would love to use your navdata.


Yes. Please consider this. Aerosoft has released an updated database and seems to be planning on adding it to their NavDataPro product in the future. I would rather stick with Navigraph than switching, if possible.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Not the answer you were looking for I guess, but at the moment Aerowinx PSX 747 is not on our roadmap. This can change but only if we see a significant growth in demand.



Hi Stephen,
Thanks about your reply.
The problem is not the grow of demand here, is the potential loss of some current Navigraph users.
Because nowadays many that use PSX and use some other flight sims use Navigraph for their p3d/fsx/xp addons. Now when soon Aerosoft starts to provide cycles for PSX in their subscription service many current users will change from Navigraph to Aerosoft and all the others PSX users that have nothing not even will came here to request, will go the the ones that will have it (Aerosoft).

Please, check Aerowinx foruns because many already planned that and the older legal issues about PSX professional/entertainement use is already over and Navigraph doing nothing to also provide this service, will for sure loose many potential customers and also loose some current ones.
I’m a happy current user of Navigraph and imagine my thoughts if i see that Aerosoft provides fmc cycles to all my addons AND PSX and Navigraph only to my addons and NOT PSX. I really would like to continue a user of Navigraph that until now has an excellent service.

I think that the biggest ice and wall was broken, and now is better than ever the best time to Navigraph and Aerowinx talk again to Navigraph improves even more his excellent service and also soon provides also cycles to another sim (PSX)

Thank You so much!!!

Unfortunately I will have to cancel my Navigraph subscription and move over to Aerosoft.

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