Nav Hub stopping from loading flights

Flights will not load with Nav Hub running
Realised this after so much work in finding out what the issue was.
I uninstalled Nav Hub and flights will now load.
No flight plan loaded just straight to location
Need Nav Hub re-installed but will crash my MSFS 2020

Hi Doug,



  • Close MSFS
  • Disable any Antivirus and firewall.
  • Uninstall Navigraph Hub
  • Download, Install and run latest Navigraph Hub
  • Remove AIRAC Cycle
  • With Navigraph Hub still running, start MSFS

Is MSFS running normally? If not please advise in detail what steps causes problems.


Hi Ian

Thanks for getting back
I have followed your instructions and the flights are able to run with the cycle removed and firewall turned off.
Ideally i would like firewall turned on and the Cycle installed



So is the issue when the cycle is installed?


It’s seems not as the avionics plug in and even the in game panel also not allowing a flight to run and freezing my MSFS
When i was able to run a flight all my packages were uninstalled.

Essentially all the packages in my hub , when installed, will not allow flights to run. I have tested them individually

With all my packages disabled my flights will now not run
i will have to uninstall the hub

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