My Fleet disappeared

Hello, today, after a few days without login into my account to plan a flight, I noticed that my entire fleet was gone. Why? What can I do to retrieve it without having to start all over again by inserting every single plane?
Thank’s for your help.

I’m on the same boat. Also looking for a solution. I suspect, it might be because they have done away with Simbrief’s own log in info. It says that you can still import the old account information into new one, but it’s not as straightforward. When I log in using my existing Navigraph account, nowhere do I see a way to import from the old Simbrief account with all my data – including a connection already to my Navigraph subscription. Way to go, Navigraph. Thanks for doing a smooth transition already!


To retry the account link, please do the following:

  1. Visit the following page: Import your SimBrief settings
  2. Scroll down and click “Import a different account”. You may or may not see this button depending on if you previously linked another account, if not simply skip to step 3.
  3. In the next page that appears, click “Yes, I want to import my previous SimBrief data”, then enter the username/password for your original SimBrief account.
  4. If you entered the correct credentials, your flights, fleet, and settings will be instantly imported and you can continue to use SimBrief as you always have.

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Solved! everything is back as before, with great simplicity.
Thank’s a lot for help and efficiency!
Best regards.

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