My data updated my G500 but not my GTN750 or GTN 650

I am a new subscriber… I updated but in looking at the forum I haven’t found how to update my GTN750 or GTN 650 databases. The database for the G500 did update. :slight_smile: Please advise

Hi and welcome,
for which sim? X-Plane?


X-plane with RealSim Gear G500, GTN750 and GTN650


The RealSimGear GNS530 uses standard X-Plane AIRAC data. I don’t know if the RealSimGear GTN750 or GTN650 are the same, but you could try. You could also ask RealSimGear to confirm.

Please see FAQ - Installing Navdata AIRAC Updates

X-Plane 11 entry should be detected when you install latest FMS Data Manager. Select that in Addon List and download:

Please let us know how you get on.


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