MSFS SU12 beta C700 Charts button grayed out

On the C700 Longitude the on the Garmin 5000 control panel the button to open charts is grayed out (can’t be selected). Is there something else that I need to enable?



That’s the AUU1 G5000 unit if I am not mistaken. None of the AAU1 avionics have Charts or SimBrief integration. We plan to add such integrations when Microsoft provides us the tools and documentation to do so.




Thank explains the issue. Yes it is the G5000 unit. I’ll use the app once I figure out how to change the scale.

To me the hundreds of settings are the most frustrating part of MSFS. I’m a retired professional pilot (flew a lot of business jets and turboprops back in the day) and all I really want to do is fly in VR. Thank you for a wonderful charts product. I use it for pre-flight and in-flight operations prior to flying.