AAU1 Update - Charts Inactive - General - Navigraph

Hi, I am so sorry to find that after 3 times installation of MSFS2020 last week (several days of downloading), that the database icon on the GTC G3000 is not active. It is a shame. Please inform if this situation changes. I feel as if I was maybe a little bit spoiled at the first time when finding this feature. Just came back from skiing to get into the virtual cockpit, glad after many hours of fighting with those installations and CTDs of MSFS2020 (probably due to the big update), to find that the main feature is not there. No reason for virtual flying for me until some good programmers get it back. Unless I find a way to downgrade. I will rather stay with the static trainer/banner for the meantime. Please let me know at the moment this situation changes. Or please tell me if there is another plane in any other sim with similar functionality and similar to Lear 75 which I use. The Citation was a kind of keep-fit platform for me as with the same features I was able to create similar environment as in my cockpit. No chance without this feature (sigh). Kind regards



Please see AAU1 Update - Charts Inactive - #2 by stephen