MSFS PMDG 737-600 NavData Does not Update

Recently purchased and installed the new PMDG 737-600. The Navigraph NavData Center does not update the installed AIRAC Cycle 2205 to the latest AIRAC Cycle 2207. The PMDG 737 is installed as an MSFS Add-On product in the NavData Center and I removed and reinstalled AIRAC Cycle 2207 in the NavData Center for the PMDG 737 but it still did not update the NavData for the 737-600. Navigraph needs to work with PMDG to figure out why one PMDG product will update while the other PMDG product will not update. Part of the of the problem may be that the PMDG 700 and the PMDG 600 have separate NavData folders in MSFS and perhaps ONE NavData folder for ALL PMDG products in MSFS is the better solution…update one PMDG product in MSFS and you update all.
Malcolm Arnot

Yes I have the same problem; the instructions on Navigraph’s site suggest that when you install the 737-600, it should then automatically appear as a tab in the Navdata app. It doesn’t.
No idea whether the issue is with Navigraph or my mistake.?

We don’t support the -600 yet. It will take some time to adapt the Navdata Center to this new product.



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Hey Stephen

Thanks for taking the time to answer this personally. Kind of suspected that may be the case. Really appreciate it, and understand of course.

For now you can do the following

download the 2207 Rev 1 Airac cycle using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, select PMDG All compatible Products (Download to a folder on your desktop) and then copy the NavData & SidStars folders in to the following \Community\pmdg-aircraft-736\Config

This will update the 737 - 600 to the current Airac cycle. I just did this and now in the FMC it is showing AIRAC-2207 JUL14AUG11/22

I see the 736 now in Navigraph NavData Center version 1.0.10:

Right … we have added the PMDG 736 in the Navigraph Navdata Center …

So from now on, you can update the 737-600/700 directly via the app.


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