MSFS crashed with Cycle 2101-x with plan from EDDP to EDAH or EDDB.without Error message

When I plan a route that is on the EDDP on the 26L or 26R northbound to the EDAH or EDDB, the MSFS crashes without error message. This is only the case with cycle 2101-x. Cycle 2014 was fine. I have already cleared the rolling cache. The error is reproducible.
But a flight to EDDP works without problems.

Hallo Matthias,
not reproduceable sorry. When the sim crashed (whatever for reason) - you get no error report - that´s a sim limitation, sorry. Can only be added by ASOBO/MS. There are a lot of such requests in the official MS Flightsimulator forum.

Here a planed flight from EDDP to EDDB - no CTD.

… and here to EDAH:

Using AIRAC 2101 revision 2.

I would try this one:
FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization

But it looks, it´s a local issue on your system … possible someone else can test a route between EDDP-EDHA or EDDP-EDDB - I can´t reproduce your report sorry.


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