MSFS charts

I know this question has been posed before, just seeing if there is any update on the situation reguarding the possibility of adding charts into msfs via the toolbar or the likes.

The reason I ask is just seen a video from the FBW mod, showcasing navigrath charts in there EFB, also working title have got it added, so I assume it’s definitely doable

I myself have looked at the sdk about trying to get charts in via a browser in the tool menu but not joy,
The main reason I ask is for VR flying it would be a great addition rather then keep popping into 2D to look at charts / taxiways etc

Any info would be great,

Kind regards

Hi Stuart,

We have been actively working on this and are on very short final for release. Can’t say which day, but soon!



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Thank you Stephen.

That is great news, i look forward to any future announcement!

kind regards


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