Mora number not displaying

I’m a brand-new n00b, so I’m hoping this is just me: I’m not seeing any numbers for Moras. I can turn the grid on and off in Hi, Lo, VFR, and World in the browser version. In the app, I can turn the grid on and off in Hi, VFR, and World, but in Lo the grid is missing regardless of switching it on and off. On all four maps, both browser and app, no Mora numbers appear within the grid blocks.

It occurred to me to try something I saw in a tutorial video, so I did the right-click and drag to change perspective from bird’s eye to low level, and the numbers appeared in the browser version, but this had no effect in the app.

Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing?

UPDATE: After having tried the perspective shift in the app, closed the app and restarted it, and now both grids and Mora numbers appear on the Hi, VFR, and World maps, but the Lo map still shows no grid and no altitudes.

Hello Peter! Welcome to the forum!

I am not able to reproduce this. Which app are you referring to, the desktop or a native app like iOS or Android? All you should need to do is to make sure that it is turned on in the layer selector:

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The desktop app, but… I just now went back and fiddled with it more, and I think it must have been related to how far I was zoomed in or out. Naturally, some details appear and disappear according to zoom level, but for some reason, on the IFR Low map, I wasn’t getting the numbers at any zoom level. But now I am, and I can no longer reproduce it. Thank you for your prompt reply!

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