MNLB Missing Airport

MNLB is missing all together. This airport does exist IRL and in MSFS2020. When trying to add it as destination airport in the charts app, receive error: “Could not find matching airport”.

Coords: 11.993036327307994, -83.77284503132881

possible because this airport has no charts? Do you mean MNBL (as in your screenshot) or MNLB (as in your subject).

I haven’t found any in the AIP Nicaragua. Do you have a link for us, or what do you looking for?

It could also be, that this airport exists only in MSFS2020 because we haven’t found any reference in our data.


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Yes, sorry, the airport is MNBL… I haven’t found charts either; however, I can’t add it as my destination airport when trying to create the flight plan within the charts app as it gives an error: “Could not find matching airport”. The screenshot above is from and it is listed there, also if you look on google maps at the coords I provided, it is there.

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