MMTG (Aéroport International Angel Albino Corzo)


Searching for MMTG with AivlaSoft EFB or Little Navmap I can only find the OLD MMTG “Francisco Sarabia” (closed… or exclusively militarian). AivlaSoft reports it is using Navigraph data from …\fs-base-jep\scenery\0203\NAX23260.bgl.

On the opposite, searching MMTG on Navigraph Charts I can find the NEW MMTG “Angel Albino Corzo Tuxtla Gutierrez”.

Is there any problem with AIRAC cycle 2109 rev.2 for MSFS???

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Hi Didier,
the MMTG is outdated in MSFS and therefore also outdated in AivlaSoft EFB of course. We don´t provide airport specific (like runways, buildings, tower, …) data in our dataset for MSFS, when the airport exists in MSFS and this airport exists in the stock data but on the wrong/outdated position.

You have mentioned LNM - here you see exactly what I mean. When you use “Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020” and “No use Navigraph database” then LNM reads the MSFS data only:

You see, you can enter MMGT but you also see that this airport is closed - no other MMGT available:

Now, when you add “Use Navigraph for all features”, you will see that MMGT is on the correct location as in real:
old MMGT is gone

new one is on the correct location:

… and the reason for that is, the LNM use only our data, when you set this switch - in all other cases, the MSFS stock data will be used.

We may not change an existing airport in any case, and MMTG is selectable in MSFS and therefore existing in this sim (of course flagged as closed but you can´t enter two equal ICAO idents). Fact is, that MMTG is on the wrong location in MSFS and outdated. That´s not an navdata issue as you see, because we have all these data (see the last screenshot) but we can´t/may not use it in MSFS due the duplicated ICAOs than - sorry, it´s a sim issue. As soon as ASOBO/MS fixes this, you will also select the correct MMTG airport.


Thank you Richard for this very detailed answer.

I’ll remember that Navigraph can add missing aiport but can’t correct a “bad” one :wink:

So the case of MMTG must be reported to MS.



Right Didier - yes, we may add missing airport, but we may not change anything on existing one and MMTG is existing, even on the wrong place :wink: … sorry, but that´s the “rules” :slight_smile:


PS: thanks and have a nice weekend


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