MMAN RW20 ILS if offset to the right

Hi, ILS at RW20 in MMAN was ok on 2204, with 2205 is offset to the right at least 1 or 2 NM.

I’m using FlyMex scenery, but I didn’t have problems with latest AIRACS.

Hi and welcome,
I´m pretty sure, that this has something todo with the new package from ASOBO, released with SU9.

Please follow these steps and try it again - I know, the subject is differ but it´s the same fix for your issue. ASOBO has added a new package in your content-file during the SU9 update and now, you content file is a mess. With this procedure, your content.xml file will be re-ordered and all should be fine again.

Here is the link - please follow these steps exactly in this order:

Any results, if it´s fixed or not, would be great :wink:

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Thankyou Richard, I’ll try this tonight.


Thank you Richard, that did the trick. Now it is perfectly aligned.


Great Jaime - thanks for the feedback!

Happy flying …

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