Missing Visual Approach Charts for Sweden

The new Charts version looks great and the added VFR features are a nice addition. However, I can’t find the Visual Approach Chart for a single airport in Sweden. Some examples are:

  • ESOW - Stockholm/Västerås
  • ESOE - Örebro
  • ESSB - Stockholm/Bromma
  • ESGG - Göteborg/Landvetter

There are VACs available publically at AROWeb but would be much better to have them available in the Navigraph Charts with all the features in there.

Can you please add the VACs for Swedish airports?


We use Jeppesen for all aeronautical data in the Charts app, we are not able to add other external sources at this point. However, maybe there is something we can do to accommodate your needs if there is something specifically you are missing. Please tell us.

Here is a section of the LFV VAC for Bromma:

Here is Bromma in the VFR map in Charts 8:



Thanks, I’ve seen ESSB too and the necessary information is clearly there as far as I can tell. I was hoping to have VFR working and looking more like when doing IFR with charts and overlays. It’s easier when everything works the same.

At ESMQ Kalmar however there are a few things that can perhaps be better (same goes for ESOW Västerås and possibly others).


ESMQ in Navigraph Charts:

The VAC has VOR/DME information with distance and radials for the entry/exit points (e.g. BJORNO DME5.5, R-022), this is quite useful and not seen in Charts.

I also need to zoom in quite far in Charts in order to get the entry/exit point names. Would it be possible to have them show a little earlier or perhaps even toggle or have a slider where we can decide when to show the names in the Map filters (e.g. always, or at certain zoom levels)? This is a minor inconvenience perhaps but it is nice to have the possibility to see everything at an overview.

The VOR/DME and NDB information in Charts kind of blends in the background. Notice in the VAC how the VOR/DME and NDB has information boxes and bold text to make them stand out more. It would be nice to have that information stand out a little more in Charts.

I believe the holding points aren’t correct in Charts at ESMQ. They should be more of a circle I believe (I’m not a pilot so may be wrong here).

Lastly, looking at the VAC for ESOW Västerås, the bottom part of the VAC has some useful information too. While most of it is available in Charts when clicking around a little, the one thing I’m missing is the “Remark” part. This is very useful and can have an impact on how to fly around the airport.

I have a question regarding the VFR charts.
You have all aeronautical data in the Charts app based on Jeppesen data for creating a VFR map/chart.

Are there plans to publish the Jeppesen Visual Approach charts as theone attached ?
LFAQ_Jeppesen_VAC.pdf (520.3 KB)

We don’t plan to add these charts currently, as we already render all the information dynamically in the VFR map. Maybe in the future!



That is a major disappointment. Because if you say it includes VFR charts from Jeppesen, then I would expect it contains the VFR airport charts from Jeppesen.

Those Jeppesen VFR charts contain much more relevant information, e.g. frequencies, obstacles and procedure notes.

But switching to “VFR” for enroute charts is partly a solution indeed.

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