Missing Procs.ftd file for FS2004 Wilco CRJ


I’ve updated my Wilco CRJ in FS9 using the manual procedure.

I see that ARPT, RWY, INT, INDEX and NAVAID have all been updated successfully in the NAVDATA folder inside the Feelthere folder in FS9.

However, PROC.ftd did not update, it’s still a 2004 file… I was hoping the procedures would be updated so I can fly them in the FMS

Is that supposed to be part of the navigraph update?

For my IFly 737 the procedures updated successfully

thanks for any guidance

Hello Craig! Welcome to the forum.

Apologies for the late reply. Your post went under our radar! To answer the question: We do not provide procedures for the Wilco CRJ FMC. The reason for this is that the developer unfortunately does not have the documentation/specifications required for us to be able to provide said data.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but there’s nothing that Navigraph can do about this.


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