Missing obstacles in EHAA FIR

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First of all a massive thank you on the recent development of the Navigraph products. It’s a very welcome and fairly reliable addition to the MSFS experience.

During a recent VFR flight along the North Sea coast I noticed there are some obstacles missing around the city of Rotterdam and IJmuiden. These obstacles are depicted in Jeppview and SkyDemon, and are published in the AIP of the Netherlands:

See ENR5.4

I’ve also attached the screenshots Navigraph Charts vs. Jeppview.



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These obstacles are not currently in the navigational data that we get from Jeppesen. It is most likely part of a separate obstacle database that we do not have access to (yet, at least).

Unfortunately, that means that you are seeing the expected result. Feel free to open a topic in the Wishlist section of the forum dedicated to the addition of this extra obstacle data!

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