Missing rwy info in FMC -

P3dv5.3; PMDG 777; Act. Sky; SimBrief plan RKSI to EDDP; using PACSIM RKSI. (tried another plan from GOBD to HHAS; zero rwy info in FMC for GOBD.)

Plan loads fine but zero rwy’s for RKSI in FMC; rwy’s do show for EDDP. I checked airports.dat & ARPT_RWY.dat and RKSI & GOBD are present. Everything seemed to work well during install using Data Mgr.

AIRAC 2205

and you can confirm, that you have tried this:

Its in most such issues the solution.
Please confirm, that you have followed these steps in the FAQ.


  1. Sim off.

  2. PMDG\NAVDATA\ARPT_RWY.dat file found in p3dv5 root with index file, SidStars & another NAVDATA folder all with today’s date.

3.Have run Make rwy several times; run in admin.

  1. I have re-started pc between flts; tried 3 fresh fltplns, via Simbrief, RKSIEDDP, ROAHRPLL and PANCKORD. In all 3 plans the either the origin or departure info was missing.

I’m running ROAHRPLL (for the third time) now and so far all is OK (also now OK for RKSI). I must have missed something; I did not run Make Rwy’s after installing AIRAC 2205, which was a clean install after installing p3dv5.3, I ran it several times before installing 2205 but not after. Sorry to take up your time. Thank You.

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