Missing ILS rwy 10 SLLP AIRAC 2104 JAR Design

According to Navigraph Charts, there are three ILS approaches to rwy 10 of La Paz El Alto Intl. (SLLP). These are ILS Z RWY 10, ILS Y RWY 10 and ILS Z RWY 10. All ot the three are missing in AIRAC 2104 for JAR Design (A320 and A330).

Windows 10, X-Plane 11.53.

All three ILS approaches have the missed approach procedure prior to the runway threshold. Explanation by Richard posted HERE

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@srcooke is absolutely correct here. That´s the reason why the ILS approaches are coded as LOC approaches. But nevermind - thats an internal coding due the missed approach - you can normally select the LOC approaches and you will receive the Glideslope-singal also because the runway itself has a ILS system as charted (means ILS antenna + a GS antenna).

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PS: This is a general rule in the Jeppesen database, in the moment, where the missed approach starts prior the runway-threshold - Jeppesen code such approaches as LOC approaches

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