Missing Airport - SBLE

Missing airport SBLE

SBLE airport is in the city of Lençois, state of Bahia - BR, but in the simulator there is an airport in the city of Édeia, state of Goiais - BR, +500nm away

in which sim? Possible that the sim stock data are not correct?!

I have checked the airport positiion from our database and it’s correct, according your posted information (you see this also in our charts, where we use the source data too).


Sorry, incorrect in MSFS

Thanks, then please report this to ASOBO. We may not change stock airports. When the position is wrong, this can only be changed by ASOBO even when we have the correct ARP in our database … as I wrote, when you check this airport in our charts app you will see its correct.

Sorry, but this is an MSFS issue rather a navdata issue on our side.


no problem, thanks for clarifying, one more doubt.

should the airport appear in the ND of the ATR, or does it also not use the msfs base?

The ATR uses the stock data, so also wrong. PMDG, Fenix, Madog uses our core data and here the position should be ok!

One major reason, why we recommendef not to use the stock data only to the addon devs.


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