Maximum Authorized Altitude (MAA) not depicted

Hello from Greece.
Near LGMT is the Low enroute airway H59. It’s segment between LSV and LMO has a MAA of FL150. Unfortunately this is not depicted on the map as it should. You have to click on the segment to see that there is such a restriction.
I do not know if this is a general problem or only for this case.
Thank you much for your time.
Keep up the good work.


We don’t show maximum altitudes on the map, mainly to save space, as this information is available on click. Paper charts need it as they are not interactive. Do you have examples from other dynamic chart systems on how you’d like it displayed?



Thank you very much for your fast response.
I don’t have experience from other dynamic chart systems. I think space is not an issue because MAA restrictions are very rare. It will be very nice to have this information at first glance especially when you manually set up flight plan routes.
P.S What about real life product Jeppesen flight deck pro? Does it have MAA information handy?
Best regards
Emmanuel Argiropoulos