Map Refuses to Load

When I hit the in-game TAB key the ‘HUD’ display comes up and I select Navigraph.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, everything worked perfectly normal, with the map loaded and a little pop-up window which detected a new flight plan and asked to load it.

Now, I don’t get it. I get the ‘log-in screen’ and have to come out of FS2020 to log-in and then, wants to send a verification code to my e-mail, etc. Literally jumping through hoops. And of course, when I do this, the map still doesn’t load.

Something, somewhere, has gone wrong.

As it stands, I’m now back to using the default map in FS2020 and NO CHARTS.


In Navigraph Hub, try Remove then Install of Navigraph Chart-In Game Panel 8.3


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