Manually edit FSLabs .rom navdata

Hi, guys. How are you?

Someone has asked before but didn’t leave much instructions on how to do it, but, I need to insert a missing aerodrome in the FSLabs navdata .rom file. However, I still didn’t manage to find a good editor that could read that format.
In FSLabs forums they say they don’t know the format.

Does anyone know how can I open and edit the .rom file?

I guess @Eliottsarrut managed to do it once, but he didn’t say how to.

Thanks a lot.

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I could replace some airports I did not use with some new ones


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Hi, there! Thanks for your answer.

How did you get to open the file? Did you use a specific program?

In my case, I need to insert a new one, but once I get into the file itself, I’ll manage to understand the structure.


Please gentlemen, if this chances are only for your own sim on your own system, than its ok.

But when someone plan to release the data, this is either not allowed according our rules and also it needs a special agreement with FSLabs because this file and this structure is copyright and protected by them.

Thanks for your understanding

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Hi, man.

I confirm that this is only for my personal use.
I’ll explain:

We have a new aerodrome in São Paulo, Brazil. The ICAO code is SWPW, called CEA-Aerovale.

You can check the aerodrome information here:

I personally simulate flights in an out of this location using the FSLabs A319. With the other aircraft I have, such as PMDG and programs such as pfpx I have no problem as I’m able to insert the location (airport data) in the cycle files.

I just can’t program the FSLabs aircraft correctly to fly to or from that destination, which makes it difficult to simulate performance and to operate the plane as it should.

I have no intention to use it in any other way.

Thanks no problem …


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