MacOS Simlink XP12

How to install Simlink Plugin for XP 12?

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I use a Mac Studio M1 Max with macOS 12.5.1, and X-Plane 12. I reinstalled Simlink, but it does not detect the XP12 installation:

“Scan and install” says that “Simlink plugin is installed in all simulators”. What can I do?

I experience the same frustrating problem!
Please advise on any solution
Thank you

please be sure, that you use the LATEST Simlink version (1.1.27 and above) - the version of the screenshot is not XP12 compatible. So please, re-download Simlink from our webpage and install the latest version.

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Hello. Is 1.1.19 the latest for MAC? Still does not work.


Ah sorry guys, was my fault. I thought the new version is still released but it´s not - the test process is still not complete and therefore please be patience. As soon all is ok, we will release it … the new SimLink version is ready (as I wrote) but not released at the moment.

Sorry for the misunderstanding and we will inform you, when the new SimLink for MacOS is ready and released.


To make sure, we Mac users are waiting for the new Simlink for XP 12 before it can work and detect the sim?

Has the Mac version been released?

It will be released as soon as testing is complete, which should be soon. We shall advise when it is released.



Navigraph Simlink mac version update is now available.

To update the Navigraph Simlink on a mac system,
You can download it from or you will get an update notification message while you start the Navigraph Simlink application.

The update of the Navigraph Simlink now supports X-Plane 12 in macOS.


Vishal Ahir

Appears to work fine. Thank you!

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How do I do this, delete the current Navigraph and Simlink or just download the Simlink installer to go into both sims? I already have Navigraph manager updated for airacs.

You should be prompted to update existing Simlink when you run it.

Otherwise I suggest optionally delete Simlink, download and install Simlink for MacOS


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Yes but the option is to put into application folder. that is where XP 11 is. XP is in my user folder. Do Install separate copy of naigraph and Simlink into that folder as well? so I can use when I am using XP12?

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Just drag the Simlink icon into the Applications folder. When you run X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 12, Simlink should start configured for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. You should see the Simlink icon on the mac OS status bar.


ok so you are saying only one copy of Navigraph and Simlink in the application folder and it should recognize 11 or 12 whatever is running at the time in whatever folder, correct?

Yes, try it and let us know how you get on.


It says cannot connect to the simulator. I am running XP 12 which is in the user folder and Navigraph is in the application folder. Not connecting.

It is working on Mac now. Thank you once again.

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