LTFJ ILS charts for 06L INOP

When I click ILS charts for LTFJ 06 RWY (all of them) me also my friends getting the INOP error.Problem is exists like 2 months.Is there any solution to fix the problem ? Since I use the LTFJ as a homebase its pretty annoying :frowning:

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Can confirm that this bug also exists for me, very annoying

Hi! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for reporting this!

We have no previous reports of this as far as I am aware, and I am currently not able to reproduce this:

Which platform are you on, and which version?
I will add some additional logging to your accounts, please try again! Iโ€™ll see if I can spot anything unusual.

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Working all good at my school Wi-Fi at the moment. I will retry when Iโ€™m at home and see whatโ€™s going on then.

Regarding to your question;

Ipad IOS 16.6.1,
Navigraph version 8.30.0 Build: 1