Lowg ils 34c

Somehow the ILS frequency will not load in the FMC. I have to enter the frequency manually. This is the only airport we’re I experience this error.

which error do you mean now?

You wrote nothing about your system: which sim? Which addon do you use? Have you install an addon scenery? Which AIRAC cycle do you use?

In general, the ILS freq for 34C at LOWG is 110.90 in real and in our data. So, when the scenery (default or addon) has this frequency included, you can receive it without any issues.


This happens both in FS2020 (flybywire) and X-plane (Toliss A319 & 321). There is no addon scenery installed. Whenever I choose 35C for the approach I have to select the ILS frequency manually in the FMC.

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