Like to inform you and the team That 36C EHAM do have a ILS freq 108.75

Hope it will be in the next FMS data!

Geert Burgstra

Hi Geert,
thanks - but in our database the ILS36C has the frequency 108.75 …
Where have you seen an other one? Which sim, which addon?


here by what they show me


Regard Geert20211013_170828


Geert, I guess you have forgotten to insert the screenshot … :upside_down_face:


Ik zie hem wel op de reply en zo

Does your scenery include the ILS 36C with freq 108.75.

Have you rebuilt the EFB scenery database.

Here P3Dv5 and FlyTampa:

Hi Geert,
@srcooke is right - in general the ILS information comes from the scenery-files of the sim and not from our AIRAC cycles. So, this is not, what we can fix in this application/addon. Now, we don´t know which sim you are using, but I have tried in also in P3Dv5 but with the stock data only (no 3rd party addon scenery), and here I also have the correct ILS frequency for 36C

As an example, when you use FSX (which is quite old) - the ILS frequency is missing:

Again, we don´t know which sim you use but all current sims (P3Dv4,5, XP11 and MSFS) has the correct frequency.

When you still use FSX, I highly recommended Herv´s side to update the ILS information in your old sim:

Hope that helps,

Thanks for thinking with me


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