Low resolution for charts in Cessna Longitude

I have a very low chart resolution in the Longitude in MSFS. It’s been a long time since i flew this airplane, and when I set up a flight today I discovered the low resolution in the G5000when I take up the charts in the Longitude.

I have tried to uninstall and install the plugin via Navigraph Hub.
I have no other problems with resolution on my PC or regarding MSFS.

Please see the screenshot I have attached

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.12.20 - (12.8 MB)

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Thomas Heggem

Hello! Thanks for posting this.

Unfortunately, that is a known issue in how the simulator handles the scaling of images. It is a result of bad pixel interpolation after scaling it down to fit on that split-screen. It should look good again if you open it up in the full MFD!

We do have this on our record for future improvement, but it would require a significant effort on our side to rewrite the whole chart viewer from scratch to work around the issue. We’ll get there eventually, but at the moment other things are prioritized (such as VATSIM integrations, annotations etc.)

We’ll definitely look into this in the future! It’s great that you brought it up though, I will add this topic as a reference on our internal issue tracker. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I have opened it up to full MFD, but the resolution is still very low. I can’t remember it to be like this before (2022?)…
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2023.12.20 - (17.0 MB)

Actually it got improved when I changed to full MFD and changed the chart to another one and then back. So your solution was helpful.

Thanks, but I hope you will work on this topic in the future together with Asobo.

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Thomas Heggem

Sorry, that is required yes. Should have been more clear!

Yes, we’ll look into this in the future!