LFTH no star is available and RWY are duplicated

Hello and happy new year
With Azurpoly LFTH airport, no star is available on A320 MCDU for this civil/military airport.
Moreover, for SID, RWY are duplicated:


I use AIRAC cycle 2014 rev1

Hi Jean-Luc,
first of all, Happy New Year 2021 … hope all is well and you have enjoyed the last night :wink:

To your report:
This is a sim issue, sorry - the STARs are included but all arrivals are runway specific arrivals (means no enroute part and no common part - only runway transition parts). It seems, that the sim doesn´t support “runway-transition only” procedures. Such procedures are common therefore it´s very strange that ASOBO doesn´t support this. I will think about a workaround but I´m not sure, if this is really handle able from our side. I assume this can only be fixed by ASOBO.

To your second report about the double runways:
This looks more a scenery issue because we don´t have the 05 with 1898 meter and 13 with 1809 meter in our database. I´m not sure but I guess they don´t delete the runways in their scenery and therefore you see the double runways. You can try to disable the scenery and use the default one - then you will see, that you see only our runways.


I will check it later with the scenery but I´m pretty sure that this is a scenery issue.


Thank you Richard for your analysis