LEGE ILS-Z RWY 19 FAULT in Xplane 11

Hello, today I created a Flight Plan using simbrief from LECU to LEGE . I donwnloaded the Xplane 9-10 fms file. When load the ILS-Z Rwy 19 Xplane Crashed. I try wihit other airplanes and the result as the same as described. Airacs are updated.

I suspect this doesn’t have anything to do with SimBrief specifically. I checked your recent flight plan .FMS file and couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

I recommend reaching out to X-Plane support about this, they will be better equipped to investigate the cause.

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I think the problem may be with the Airac 2201. May be a corrupted file. I flew more times in this airport with out isssues.

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I also don´t understand this report … You report it in the SimBrief category, wrote you have downloaded XPlane 9-10 fms file (which we don´t have - we have only XP10 and XP11) and than you wrote that your XP crashed when you load ILS-Z RWY 19.


  • Why and how have you downloaded the FMS Data for XP9?/10 and not for XP11?
  • You wrote XP crashed when you select the ILS-Z 19 into LEGE? Do you now mean when you load the flightplan or when you select the approach?
  • Please be so kind to tell us which addon/aircraft you´re using in XP11?

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Hello, I was fliying a Carenado Pc12 in Xplane 11.

Whith Carenado aircrafts I always use fms plan for xplane 9/10 because doesn´t work the format XP11. In this plane crash de sim if I try to load an XP11 flight plan.

I tryed to load the same flight plan with defaul XP11 aircrafts. It uses the same GNS430-530 avionics and flight plan formats. And the result is the same. The sim load fine the flight plan and the aproach (MAMU2L), but crash when I selected the aproach ILS 19-z or ILS 19 Y.

Yesterday I was talking wiht a friend via Discord, an he loaded the same flight plan and the same STAR. It was be ok, but when he tryed to load the same aproach (ILS-Z RWY 19) his xplane crased too.

I don´t know if the problem is from simbrief flight plan file.fms or the airac of the LEGE airport. I have all my airacs updated 2201.

Now I created other flight with destination LESO wiht the same aircraft and don´t have any problem. The problem is with LEGE aproaches.

My intention it´s report the problem with LEGE to Navigraft thinking are there a problem in this airport (LEGE) , but I don´t know if is the last airac or the flight plan created via simbrief.

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Juan GarcĂ­a de Vinuesa

thanks for the additional information - I guess it´s more an XP issue because in XP11 (stock scenery) seems to be outdated and the runway idents are 02/20 instead of the real world 01/19:

XP11 scenery:

comparing the real-world:

I assume, that´s the reason for the crash on this specific airport only because there is no runway 19 available in XP11. So please report this to X-Plane, that they can correct the runway-idents.


Ok. I,ll report to xplane. Thanks for tour help


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You´re welcome Juan … please, if possible when you have any news of this - it would be cool, when you can share it with us here. Thank you very much and take care!


Hi again, now we know that the problem is not from Xplane 11.

My friend know very well the xplane platform (some times he make Works like this to Laminar Research in Xplane 11), and he has modified the file in xplane 11 to correct the runway orientation of LEGE Airport.

After the modification, now in xplane 11 displays the correct numbers of the actual rwys 19-01. Yo can see it.

With the new rwy orientation, the xplane still crash when select the aproach in the gps / fms (all aircrafts with defaul xplane gps/fms)

I send you attacched the modified file if you like to test by your onwn. To install the file go to Xplane11/Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth Nav Data/+40+000

Paste the file attached inside the folder +40+000

If you like, make a back up of the original file before change it. The modified file is +41+002.dsf

Sorry by my persistence, but it seems there is a bug in LEGE Airac. May be crash with any aircraft in this airport. But we don´t try others with out the default gps/fms.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Juan GarcĂ­a de Vinuesa

+41+002.dsf (96.9 KB)

Hello, finally we discover the problem is with the simbrief fligth plan. If I don´t load the fllight Plan I select in the gps Direct to LEGE, and I can load the STAR and the Aproach withoul problem.

I attach you the flight plan created by simbrief.

Juan GarcĂ­a de Vinuesa

LECULEGE01.fms (595 Bytes)

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