LEBL errors

Navigraph Airac Cycle: 2203, the current one, is wrong at LEBL. In Barcelona’s airport there are not 6L/6R - 24L/24R runaways, but 7L/7R - 25L/25R.

according the AIP Spain the runway idents are 06L/R and 24L/R - so correct according our data. Do you have any other official reference for this runway-ident change?


PS: possible your sim-scenery is outdated … which sim do you use?

@orimarc The runway designation changed on the 2203 cycle.

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It has always been 7L/R and 25L/R. Always till this new AIRAC.

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Yes, but as you see from my screenshot directly from the AIP Spain, the runway-idents are changed with the newest AIRAC 2203. So, now it´s 06L/R and 24L/R …

So, your sim (whatever you use) or your addon-scenery should be updated to this new runway-idents. In our data (released today), we support the new runway-idents and all terminal procedures for these runways are still included.


My sim is MSFS2020. I’ll try to get in touch with a pilot and I’ll will let you know.

I have spoken with the Barcelona airport. And I have been told that the numbering of the runaways has not changed.

They clearly have changed, check the notams and the official AIP as noted by Richard.

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Please can you forward me your contact at the airport in a private message, because as you see on the screenshots, which are made from the official AIP Spain that the runways are 06L/R and 24L/R.

Here again the whole side from the AD 2-LEBL 5 - you see the arrows on the changed runways? This is an indicator, that there was a change:

Also, when the runways are not changed, please can you explain why they use “wrong” runway idents in their notams?

… and last:

I would not trust your “contact” at Barcelona airport any longer …

Thank you,

They say now:

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