LCEN ILS29 procedure not available on FMS_not solved

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8 days ago I had created the same topic relating to LCEN ILS29 approach chart. The answer from dear Richard is below:

  1. No airport can be banned, but its possible that some “countries” may not recognize those airports/airspaces. LCEN (ERCAN) airport is not recognized by ICAO. It does not mean that it is “banned”. It has its own political statue which doesnt mean that it is illegal to produce/publish any navdata (which is just an information). As far as I know nietherNavigraph nor Jeppesen is a government or a political institution. Anyway if your company may choose not to do this, I can understand that.

  2. But actually there is LCEN-Ercan airport navdata in FMS data base provided by navigraph (but only VOR29 approaches).

  3. As a pilot who fly in REAL world, I do use pretty much every month those navdata/approach charts which is provided by JEPPESEN (can be found below).

I hope those charts will be available on Navigraph as Jeppesen and we can use them like in “real” world.


Hi …
not some countries, all worldwide countries excluding Turkey. Non stop flights only take place from Turkey and all airlines that fly to Northern Cyprus from other countries must have to stop over Turkey.

Ercan Airport is currently served by the following airlines only (and as I wrote, only with a stop in Turkey):

  • AnadoluJet
  • AtlasGlobal
  • Freebird Airlines
  • Onur Air
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Sunexpress
  • Turkish Airlines

Also, when you look into the AIP Cyprus (or in the AIP Turkey), you will see no official charts for LCEN. Turkey is the only competent authority to provide aeronautical information for the LCEN (Ercan) airspace and due the fact, that is not recognize by ICAO - our service provider can´t provide any data for this airport.

The records which you see in the current datasets are tailored data (approx. 7-8 years old), which will be removed with beginning of next year (AIRAC cycle 2101) due the outdated status.


Hi Richard

What I attached is a real jeppesen chart and as you can see its up to date and effective after 16 Aug 2020. Do you mean that its unofficial one but still accessible through jeppesen?

I only see a chart from 10th of August 2018 … not sure, where you see the 16 Aug 2020.

We don´t have LCEN in our source. To report a missing airport to Jeppesen, we need an official link from the aviation authority of Cyprus (ie. AIP Cyprus), where we can show Jeppesen that this airport is missing. So please provide us with such official information and we will look what we can do …

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You are right. This chart is from 2018. But it is still exist. I mean jeppesen published this chart in 2018. So how it became illegal now?

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has its own aviation authority. There isnt any other authority niether Turkish CAA nor Cyprus CAA. So Turkish CAA has not any responsibility to provide any information about LCEN-Ercan airport.

What I understand is jeppesen somehow stop publishing charts of LCEN. Because it used to do it before

Right, and this “country” is a “de facto” state and only be recognize by Turkey. It´s not an offical ICAO member and therefore not included in the regular standard update process. As I had written before, the data are only available as tailored data but not as standard data. That has nothing todo with Jeppesen, Lido, or any other data provider. This “country” is still not existing, excluding for Turkey.

This is the wrong platform for political discussion, therefore I avoid it but that´s key facts.
Thank you very much

I asked very clear question that Jeppesen has LCEN charts dated 2018. But you are addressing TRNC’s political status. Jeppesen has them but navigraph dont. Its very clear to me to ask why. That is all. I think Its a thechical question rather than politic.

Unfortunately I cant provide any link other than Jeppesen FD pro application’s screen captures because It requires my company’s user&password. I am going ask my company’s jeppesen agent about LCEN data. I clearly understand that the data on navigraph (which are only VOR approaches not any ILS that I request) are tailored and will not be available starting 2021.

Anyway, if you think that we both repeating ourselves, no need to argue.

Merry christmass