Missing STAR & Appr Procedures LCEN


There has been multiple additions to LCEN (Ercan Airport) regarding RNAV Starts + ILS/RNP approach procedures. You can find the new AIP charts from this link (directly from the civil aviation authority):

Can you please update the Airac to reflect the new changes as it is super hard to add this manually each month.


the LCEN airport is a tailored airport. Normally, this airport doesn’t exist in the source data. There are several postings here to this topic …

Therefore, we can only update the data when we get a complete ARINC424 compatible dataset for this airport, which we can add.

So, when you have one or you can offer one, we are happy to add it.

Thank you

PS: another “solution” is to remove our tailored/custom records and offer only the airport in the future that we avoid to offer outdated data

PPS: you can send me the ARINC424 file (if you have one) via PM - thanks

Hello Richard,

We have been trying to add these procedures manually to specific files of navdata installation of aircrafts such as PMDG navdata or FSLabs .rom files hence why I wanted to contact navigraph officially. If there’s a way, documentation, video, tutorial regarding the creation of ARINC424 dataset for LCEN, we are happy to write it and pass it to you guys.

Regarding PS, we really don’t like that “solution” as this is the first update/change in the airport in the last 5 years.


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