'Land Cover' layer coming to in-game panel? (VFR / VR)

The latest update to the Charts app to add the ‘Land Cover’ layer, showing forests, is a huge plus for VFR flights. I love it! :heart_eyes: Will this come to the in-game panel at any point? For VR flights it would be a HUGE benefit, for obvious reasons.

After a long time holding off, I’ve subscribed to Navigraph fairly recently. I’m predominantly a VFR pilot (and ~90% in VR), so the balance of cost to usefulness was always an issue. I’m glad to see VFR features being developed further. So I was overjoyed at the unexpected ‘land cover’ addition, then saddened to find it’s not available in-game to aid with navigation while in VR.

I have skimmed the forums and have read that there are a number of limitations to features to the in-game panel, due to sim constraints. Is there a published list of what is NOT possible for the in-game panel? And perhaps a list of what is not there yet, but hopefully will be added in future? (I know there’s no general roadmap; already found threads on that.)

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the kind words! Land cover will come to the in-game panel too, together with the next AIRAC cycle on May 16.

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That’s fantastic to hear, thank you Stephen.

Given the extra level of rendering (it’s noticeably a bit slower to zoom in the Charts app with Land Cover enabled), I feared it may not come to the in-game panel, so that’s an unexpected result.

Looking forward to it! :sunglasses:

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