KSFO - OFFSH2 SID missing MCKEY transition

SIM Version:
Navigraph Navdata: 1.0.0-beta.23
AIRAC cycle: 2103 rev 2
Does issue happens when removed Navigraph: yes, so it may be an issue with installer

KSFO OFFSH2 SID has only FLW, GVO, RZS, SXC transitions


Sorry, but I can´t follow you here … what do you mean the issue happens when removing Navigraph?

Correct, the common part of OFFSH2 SID ends at MCKEY and all four transitions FLW, GVO, RZS and SXC starts at MCKEY. So, when you don´t select a transition the OFFSH2 ends at MCKEY therefore OFFSH2.MCKEY departure. Possible I miss somehting here in your post …