KORD Runways Layout

I am trying to figure out why this chart from KORD does not match the one that shows on the navigraph panel.

Could you assist how to fix this bug.

Note: I had already downloaded the latest charts from the website.

Fernando Rentas

The KORD chart from where ? It is looooong out of date and not from the FAA for sure.

Yes Sir very outdated. When I open Navigraph and search for KORD that chart on top 1st its the one that comes up! :roll_eyes:

And it is the NG chart that is correct !

from where are the 2nd screenshot of KORD (the white one)? Because this screenshot is outdated and not from us. You screenshot in the dark-mode from our chart-application is the correct one … so what do you expect from us to fix?


I got that white one from google…I noticed this when trying to depart from KORD and ATC assigned me a Runway 32R that did not showed on the navigraph chart and then realized that new lay out… :roll_eyes:

So, that means it´s not a bug … Our charts are correct according the real-world but the ATC was wrong, right? Sorry, in this case, we can´t do anything …


So I understand that the chart displayed in navigraph its the Correct one then?? :thinking:. Because runways like 32L-R and14L-R do show on scenery. I did taxi to them to ensure that they did existed! :roll_eyes:

Correct Fernando …

Here the original airport diagram from the FAA:

… and here our charts:

Exactly the same :slight_smile:
Sorry to say, but you scenery is outdated … What sim and scenery do you use?


Tracking Richard :ok_hand: :sunglasses:…I use PD3v4.5 and the KORD scenery its from FSDT!.I will do a test flight here shortly departing from KORD and see what happens. If something weird emerges I will post it. Thanks for your help.

Look first for an update of this scenery Fernado - I can remember, that FSDT has released an update for the runways but thats I guess was KORD v2. Not sure, which version you exactly have, but this layout is very old.


Correct…I have KORD v2 :roll_eyes:

Either your scenery is not installed correctly or your ATC program is not in sync.

Here is FSDT KORD v2, no 32R

Yipes! :roll_eyes:…Looks like the update its need it in indeed! This its what comes up on my Sim Scenery! :thinking:

So there is no runway 32L/32R in your image, remnants of the old runways remain as a taxiways.

This from P3Dv5 orientated to match the chart:

Oh so it’s correct on my end then! :ok_hand: :sunglasses: